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This website is devoted to the benefit and enjoyment of the people of Canyon Lake California.




Canyon Lake California is a city in Southern California. Nearby cities include Temecula, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, and Murrieta. (See the map section of Gate88.com for further information about Canyon Lake's location )Canyon Lake's lodge is located within the gated community.  The main country club / golf course entry is accessed outside the gated area of the community, on Railroad Canyon Road.  Info on facilities including the Lodge,  Country Club, Tennis Courts, Beaches, Equestrian Center and various parks and sports facilities may be obtained at the POA.  Canyon Lake California is in the 92587 zip code.  The telephone area code is 951.



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A bit of the history of CanyonLake101.com and Gate88.com:  www.Gate88.com is a community oriented website experience, designed to provide a variety of entertainment and useful links for the benefit of the local residents.  Gate88.com was started in the 1990's by Ton Suttle, a local real estate broker (California DRE #00672983) who originally used the site primarily to highlight new Canyon Lake real estate listing information.   It rapidly evolved into a general Canyon Lake links page, used by a large number of Canyon Lakers (most of whom were, in the mid 1990's, just beginning to experience the internet).   The name of Gate88 was chosen because it combined the word "Gate" - a reference to the gated residential portion of the community - with the year 88 (1988), which was the year Maria Suttle began selling property in the community.   Gate88 turned out to be a website name with a "ring" to it that was easy to remember, as many internet users soon discovered.   Eventually "sister sites" were formed to include other upscale privately-owned communities, and to expand the information and internet service provided to the site users.  This site, WWW.CanyonLake101.COM, is an addition to those sister sites.



WWW.CanyonLake101.COM is a benefit to the community made possible in part by

Maria Suttle, Realtor
Helping buyers and sellers of real estate in Canyon Lake since 1988

Maria Suttle, Realtor ...  California Dept of Real Estate License #00993453